Guy Burberry

Financial Advisor

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1995, Guy began his financial planning career at a local independent financial planning firm, and over the past decade he has helped many people realize their financial goals.

Guy was born and raised right here in Niagara and continues to grow his practice in and around the community. He has worked in the business long enough to provide the knowledge and expertise to serve the most discerning clientele, yet not so long that he has forgotten how to provide the level of service that you have every right to deserve. Guy provides wealth management services and investment advice to individuals in the active accumulation and growth phase of the retirement planning process as well as life insurance and mortgage solutions*.

Through his independent mindset and disciplined approach, Guy Burberry gives his clients the confidence and peace of mind to focus on what's truly important in life without having to worry about the day to day details of wealth management.

Guy Burberry's unique Wealth Creator program leads clients through a process that will clarify their financial objectives, develop a personalized financial plan, and ultimately attain their financial goals quickly and efficiently.


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